Intro to Live Dragon Tiger

Date Published: February 10, 2017

When players are looking for a thrilling gambling experience at an online casino, they will often turn to the games that are offered in the live dealer section of the site. Here, players can select from some great game variations that are all played in real time and offer an experience that is just like playing in a land casino. One of the games that players may find being offered is Live Dragon Tiger. This game is similar to baccarat and will appeal to players who have played baccarat in the past. With this game, players will simply be betting on whether the Dragon or the Tiger card in the game will be higher. To make the game more interesting and offer more rewards, there are some alternate bets that can be placed as well.

This game is typically played using 8 decks of cards and the Ace is a low card in the game. Players will select their bets before nay cards are dealt. The betting options include Dragon or Tiger, A tie, Dragon or Tiger Big, Dragon or Tiger Small and Dragon or Tiger Suit. The nice thing about this game is that when players bet the Dragon/Tiger and there is a tie, they will receive 50% of their bet in return.

While this game is quite similar to Baccarat, there are some payouts differences that make it an appealing option. The Dragon/Tiger bet will offer an even money payout while a Tie bet will offer an 8:1 return. The Dragon/Tiger Big and Small bets also offer even money and the Dragon/Tiger Suit will present a 3:1 payout. Another thing that sets this game apart from Baccarat is that there is just one card dealt to the Dragon and Tiger hand. No additional card will be used, making this game also similar to Casino War.

When playing this game in the live version, players will have the ability to count cards, which can help they achieve more winning hands. Players can also track the suits or the big and small cards that have been played, which can offer an edge as well. This great game is easy to play and can offer frequent returns. Since the live game does not use a random number generator, players have more opportunities to employ game strategies to help them win.

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