Slots and Volatility

Date Published: October 9, 2015

When it comes to choosing an online slot game, there are quite a few things that players should consider. One is the volatility of the game being considered. The volatility of a slot is basically the risk that is taken when playing a specific slot title. Volatility is used to let players know how much they can win during any playing session. There are some slots that will have dry spells and some large wins and others that offer multiple wins, though they are often small amounts. Slots are both high or low volatility and here, players can learn what each are and how this information can help when choosing a game.

Slots that have high volatility will have higher risks. These are the games that offer large payouts that are achieved less often. With high volatility slots, players will often go through long dry spells where they will not get any wins at all. This is usually ceased by one large win. However, there is no guarantee that the player will play the game long enough to see that large win, so there is a much higher risk involved with these games. These games are best for those that have larger bankrolls and can afford to play a slot for a longer period of time.

Low volatility slots are just the opposite. These games will offer frequent wins, but the amount of the win will be very small, usually even money. These games are perfect for new players or those with small casino budgets. It is possible to get large payouts from these games as well, though they are known for frequent small wins.

There is no right or wrong slot to play online. It all has to do with player preference. Many players will mix things up and play some of both types of games. Unfortunately, the volatility of a slot game is not listed or provided. It can only be determined through play. This is why players will benefit from playing some free slots before wagering. With these games, they can see how a game pays and whether the payouts are large or small. They can then use that information when choosing real money games and will be a step ahead of others in terms of knowing the volatility of the slot game.

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