Three Card Poker Strategies

Date Published: February 17, 2017

Three card poker is a variation of poker that is found at many online casinos and there are even live dealer versions of this game. It is pretty easy to play and since players will just being using their three cards, it is easier to create a paying poker hand. When playing this game online, there are some basic strategies that can be used to help players win more often. There are strategies for the main game as well as for the Pairs Plus game, and with these, even the newest players can have great chance at winning.

When playing the main game, the optimum strategy is to raise or play when a Queen, 6, 4 is held and to fold with any hand that is of a lower value. It is also suggested to play when the player is holding a pair of Queens. These two strategies have been proven and can offer a much better chance to win. Players should play when they have the following hands: • Pairs or higher • King or Ace as a high card • Queen High with a 7 as the next highest card • Queen high with the next high card of 6 and a third card of 4 or better By ignoring this strategy, the house edge will increase from 3.37% to 7.65%. By using the optimal strategy, it is possible to overcome the house edge frequently.

With the Pairs Plus, players will be trying for a larger payout and this offers a house edge of 2.32% when the player only plays the Pairs Plus option. The wins and losses with this can be more volatile than with the ante play, so it is a risk, but is one that can offer much better rewards. With Pairs Plus, the odds are against the player. There is no real strategy with this, so players will have to rely on luck and hope they are dealt a winning hand.

Betting strategies can also be useful and the best thing to do is bet 100% on the ante bet since this offers a lower house edge. The Pairs Plus may offer better payouts, but it comes at a higher risk, so it is suggested to stick to the ante play for the best possible chances of collecting rewards from Three Card Poker games.

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